Guide to Animal Sounds on the Net

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There are many samples of animal sounds on the World Wide Web and FTP sites, but finding them takes some patience and a bit of luck. It can be an interesting exercise to find particular animal sounds through search engines such as Alta Vista or HotBot, but it's much more convenient to have an index specifically for animal sounds. That's why I started this page. I've tried to group related animals together for convenience, and translate non-English ones to the best of my ability, but there will inevitably be some mistakes and discrepancies.

Important reminder: When in doubt, you should always assume that anything you find on the Web is protected by copyright. Please respect the rights of the many authors and recordists around the world whose work is referenced here.

Quick index:

General sites for animal sounds


Bird sound index part 1 (all orders except Passeriformes)
Bird sound index part 2 (Passeriformes: Tyranni, Corvida, Muscicapoidea)
Bird sound index part 3 (Passeriformes: Sylvioidea, Passeroidea)
(See quick index for specific families.)

General bird song pages


Mammal sound index

Sites with mammal sounds

Frogs and toads


Lizards and snakes